As the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact small businesses in the Towne Advisory circle, we take a look at another business that’s found a way to thrive during these tough times.

sarah tetlow firm focus small business success covid 19Sarah Tetlow is the founder of Firm Focus, a company designed to help business professionals, especially lawyers, find proactive ways to control their workday. By leveraging and controlling their billable hours, business professionals are less overwhelmed, experience less stress, and ultimately, less burnout.

When things shut down in March, Sarah saw many of her revenue streams slow down to a trickle. Many of her clients put off hiring consultants because they were simply trying to stay afloat themselves. Other clients were dealing with furloughs, layoffs, and more. Sarah also saw the speaking engagements she booked months ago, pushed out indefinitely.

Sarah didn’t let the setback stop her. She reevaluated and went virtual. While she used to hold that first client meeting in-person, she has now shifted to client intake via video conferencing. She holds video presentations instead of in-person speaking engagements and she has changed the way she approaches her business.

Changing Her Business to Fit the Climate

Now, she successfully helps business professionals navigate the pitfalls of working from home. The boundaries between work and everyday life have blurred, so she is teaching clients to rethink what being “productive” means and shift what productivity looks like. This includes focusing on what the professional does best and outsourcing everything else. When it comes to team management, it’s about playing to a team member’s strengths.

Sarah is focusing on business professionals struggling with the work/life balance. She is offering complimentary 30-minute consults, as well as a cost-effective program she calls ApPEERing Productive.  The next ApPEERing Productive program is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2, 2020 and is focused on the #WFH “Parent Edition”.  To find out about a complimentary call or the ApPEERing Productive program, visit the Firm Focus website at or email Sarah at

Towne Advisory is very proud to know great business owners like Sarah. If you would like to find more small business owners who are doing their best in times of crisis, check out our previous posts. Orion Stang, owner of Dilecta Wines, who has figured out how to transform his wine tastings to deal with the difficult times. While Security & Cabling Solutions is helping small businesses stay safe through new safety monitoring measures. Meanwhile, SchillerLearning is offering parents of young children an alternative to the current distance learning that many parents are experiencing. Way to go everyone!

I need a quick break from the madness, don’t you?

I wanted to highlight a small business in our circle that has taken this opportunity to think outside the box. They have brought smiles to faces while adding a helpful new stream of revenue during this time!

Elizabeth Ging, the owner of Sift+Pour Bakery in Dallas, makes custom cookies and treats. She started playing around with the idea of everyone buying up all of the toilet paper in stores. Elizabeth drew toilet paper on a cookie and said: “There is no shortage here!”

coronavirus business success story toilet paper masks cookies

As the news evolved of potential shutdowns and a decrease in foot traffic, Elizabeth realized it was her job to find ways to bring her product to her customers. She has created “The Social Distancing Survival Kit” and a Rice Krispy Treat Decorating Kit!

Check them out at

Kudos to Elizabeth and Sift+Pour for taking steps to be Disaster Proof!

If you have a story of a small business doing something fun, novel, or just extra caring that is helping make them Disaster Proof, I’d love to hear about it. #DisasterProof. #TASC