This week, we’re featuring a business in the Towne Advisory circle that was called to the forefront when the COVID-19 crisis struck.

ShillerLearning is a company that offers Montessori homeschooling curriculum for kids ages 3 to 13. Whether it’s math or language arts or anything in between, the lessons require zero preparation from parents. That’s an ideal situation for many parents like me, who suddenly found themselves working a full-time job while trying to homeschool.

Larry Shiller Owner ShillerLearning Montessori Learning COVID19For Larry Shiller, founder of ShillerLearning, the COVID-19 crisis led to an uptick in business, but it also required him to pivot his focus. ShillerLearning normally focuses on meeting parents and teachers at conventions. With social distancing becoming a norm, he transitioned his business to 100% online.

Now, instead of solely paper-based products and lessons, he’s doing primarily digital delivery. He’s selling and shipping homeschool packs that include multisensory and interactive kits to parents.

Larry was also insightful enough to not lose sight of the human aspect. He knows parents are stressed and he’s trying to help. He’s offering a free fractions kit for parents, which you can find here. He also offers tips and tricks to the Montessori teaching method on his YouTube channel.

Larry is hoping that this latest crisis will help parents discover the Montessori method of teaching. With his digital downloads, as long as the students can read, they can construct, guide, and self-grade. It’s entirely independent and it doesn’t require any screen time.

You can find ShillerLearning on PinterestFacebook, and Instagram. You can also check out their videos on YouTube.

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