Exit Builder

Your plan for a successful exit

You’ve worked hard to build your business so that you can take control of your financial destiny.

But positioning your business – and yourself – for a successful exit takes a different skill set than growing the business itself.

You need to build your exit to get the outcomes you want.

Exit Builder provides a custom blueprint for your highest impact strategies and actions to drive value (and how to avoid the mistakes that cause many exits to fail.)

Here’s what Exit Builder includes:

Phase 1: Discover

Understand your starting point and get ready for the journey

  • Understand what’s important: Who matters? What matters?
  • Assess where you are today and set goals for your exit:
    • Business
    • Personal
    • Financial
  • Initial Business Valuation: Define how the business is performing in key areas

Phase 2: Orient and Plan

Where are you headed and how do you get there?

  • Identify gaps between your goals and where your business is as you start the process
  • Road map: Recommendations for what to improve that will make the biggest difference in your exit
  • Assemble your team

Phase 3: Optimize

Let’s do it together: we’ll make the improvements that will make the biggest difference

We look at your business with the eyes of a buyer.

We’ll look at every aspect of your business, with particular focus on optimizing what will make the biggest difference in securing a successful transition.

As we optimize, we de-risk and ensure we remove “landmines” that can blow up your deal.

  • Purpose / Mission
  • Product / service – Optimize
  • Financials: accounting and financial statements for good decision making and forecasting
  • Growth
    • Brand / Market position
    • Marketing – New client lead flow
    • Sales
    • Customer retention
  • Operations (systematized)
  • People
    • Leadership (bench, leadership transition) –
    • People strategy (below leadership)

Phase 4: Realize

Position the business for sale, get the deal done, enjoy the rewards

  • New valuation: measure the impact of improvements
  • Market Landscape Analysis: are conditions favorable for your exit?
  • Assemble and manage your transaction team
  • Oversee final work to prepare the business for sale
  • Ensure your deal closes properly, with the minimum of headaches and obstacles
  • Coach you as you complete with your business and move on to what’s next

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