Exit Planning,
Business Valuations & Outsourced Accounting

Great Exits are Built

Exit Planning, Business Valuations & Outsourced Accounting

Exit Planning and Business Valuations

Building Business Value

Whether you’re selling your business to an outsider, transferring equity to family or key employees, or bringing on investors, business transactions are complex.

Business owners can underestimate what it takes to position their business for sale and complete a successful transaction.

Starting early and taking the right steps dramatically increase your chances of a great exit that will serve you and the people you care about for years to come.

Our goals are to:

  • Protect your best interests
  • Help you get the most out of your business as you can

Do you want to build your business’s value and complete a successful exit?

Exit Builder: Your Plan for a Successful Exit

Through Exit Builder, our comprehensive exit planning engagement, we work collaboratively with you to increase the value of your business. Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth, successful exit and to protect you from the myriad of challenges that can derail your plans.

We’re here to ensure you make the impact you want to make: for your team, your family, your community and yourself.

We guide you through the thinking, decisions and actions to achieve your most successful transition.

Valuations for Privately-Held Businesses

Towne Advisory conducts stand-alone valuations for a number of purposes. Our valuations are objective, rigorous and independent. Our founder, Ben Towne, and several key team members are CPAs. Commitment to careful financial analysis is in our DNA. Our approach is to tell it to you straight. We don’t sugarcoat the truth when we present our findings.

Our valuation work serves a range of businesses, focused on founder- and family-owned business.

We prepare valuations which will enable you to:

  • Conduct succession planning
  • Prepare for an exit: a sale or transfer of your business
  • Resolve estate issues
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • ESOP transactions
  • Entity conversions

We frequently collaborate with CPAs and Estate attorneys, to advise clients on valuing their business as part of their estate plan.

409A Valuations

An independent certified valuation of stock options and equity compensation gives you a “safe harbor” from examination by the IRS. Getting a quality valuation by an experienced firm can get you through IRS examination and GAAP audit scrutiny unscathed. For over a decade, we have been valuation partners with start-ups and VC firms from birth through successful exits.

Fund Valuations

It’s likely that no one has as good of an idea of the value of your fund’s investments than you do. Our job is to ensure that you can provide support for your fund’s value that your auditor will accept. We have deep experience using accepted analytical techniques balanced with real world practices to satisfy auditors and LP’s with a minimum of hassle. Headaches from mark-to-market rules are here to stay, but we can make compliance as painless as possible.

M&A Consulting

In addition to our comprehensive exit planning services, Towne Advisory offers M&A consulting to advise business owners on buy-side and sell-side opportunities, and shorter term, focused engagements to help owners increase the value of their business when an exit is further out on the horizon.

Outsourced Accounting & CFO Services

Essential to sustainable and scalable growth

Startup leaders and VCs need to create strong financial systems and receive useful, actionable financial reports to make good decisions.

Towne Advisory has the experience and acumen to be your financial partner to drive the growth and increased value you’re looking for.

Outsourced Accounting for fast-growing companies

Early-stage companies need strategic accounting solutions, frameworks, cost controls, and financial reporting systems. Getting your financial foundation right at the outset prepares your company for scalable growth.

With Outsourced Accounting, Towne Advisory gives you confidence that your financial systems and reporting deliver the clarity you need to grow your business.

Fractional CFO Services

Towne Advisory Fractional CFO service delivers sophisticated financial analysis and advice for leaders and VC’s as they consider growth strategies and strategic initiatives.

As your fractional CFO, we are your strategic partner as you determine how to allocate capital, provide investors with relevant information, consider funding opportunities and manage your valuation and stock options.

Venture Capital Fund Administration

We work with Venture Capital firms to help ensure that all funds are accounted for according to GAAP and in compliance with all reporting requirements.

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