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Business Valuation Services

We de-mystify the business appraisal process

Every business reaches critical junctures where they need to defend a business valuation. These include adding new investors, mergers and acquisitions, stock options, determining partner equity, employee stock ownership programs, wealth and tax planning, and of course, sale of the business.

It’s a lot more than simple mathematics. You need an expert who can prepare a valuation and narrative that will withstand audit scrutiny and negotiating challenges, especially when dealing with larger companies.

When you reach one of these critical junctures, that’s when you want to talk to Towne Advisory Services.

Business Appraisals for Acquisition

No matter your position – owner, investor, lender, buyer – Towne Advisory Services digs deep and conducts comprehensive due diligence…no stone left unturned. Our ValuationPlus appraisers have years of experience working with businesses at all stages of their lifecycle.

Start-up & 409A Valuations

Establishing fair market value is a necessary step, especially for private companies providing stock options as a hiring incentive. At Towne Advisory Services, we work closely with you to make sure that the work is nuanced and fact based to withstand scrutiny when you need it most. Should an audit occur, we will be right there at your side.

Exit & Succession Planning Services

We believe that knowing how you measure success is the key to providing sound business advice. We start with a simple question: “What does success look like to you?”

Our exit and succession planning advisors understand the “why” of your business as well as the “what” and the “how”. We take the time to get to know you and what you hope to achieve with your business and personal goals. We’ll take you step-by-step and ensure you maximize your success factors, whatever they are.

M&A Advisory Services

Opportunities can arise when you least expect it. We make sure you’re ready to capitalize. We can help you assess opportunities and identify risks so you can make smart, strategic go/no-go decisions; and be well prepared when you enter into the acquisition fray.

Outsourced Accounting & Financial Services

Essential to sustainable and scalable growth

Sound accounting strategies and processes are essential to sustainable and scalable growth. For many companies an experienced, full-time CFO or full-time accounting department is a luxury they can’t afford but experienced, strategic financial advice is a necessity they can’t do without. Fractional CFO outsourcing is the solution. You get CFO expertise without taking on a full-time CFO salary.

Fractional CFO outsourcing is the solution. You get CFO expertise without taking on a full-time CFO salary.

Outsourced Accounting for fast-growing companies

Early-stage companies need strategic accounting outsource solutions, frameworks, cost controls, and financial reporting systems in place. Getting this right at the outset prepares your company for scalable growth in the future.

With outsourced accounting and CFO services, Towne Advisory Services helps you stay focused on growing your business.

Venture Capital Fund Admin & Valuation

We work with Venture Capital firms to help ensure that all funds are accounted for according to GAAP and in compliance with all reporting requirements.


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