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Small Business Success Story: Sift+Pour Bakery

I need a quick break from the madness, don’t you? I wanted to highlight a small business in our circle that has taken this opportunity to think outside the box. They have brought smiles to faces while adding a helpful new stream of revenue…
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How to Keep Your Business Healthy in These Uncertain Times

In these incredibly uncertain times, I’m fielding a lot of calls from current and past clients about what they can do to manage the current state of their businesses and hopefully emerge on the other side battered, but still in business and…
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How Businesses Can Responsibly Respond to the Novel Coronavirus

No one wants to see something like the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus make headlines around the world, but it happens. It’s undeniable that the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus has had an impact not just on our everyday…
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Business Valuation and Finance Terms You Should Know But Feel Dumb Asking About

When it comes to finance, it's hard to know all the special terms and abbreviations that get tossed out in the middle of a conversation. By the time you Google the meaning of a term, you've missed about 30 seconds of the meeting and you're…

How To Spot Dangerous Entrepreneurship Advice

I write a lot of business advice on the website Quora. Actually, I write a lot of advice in general, but since this is a business website I didn’t think you’d be interested in the advice I offer as a parent of a six-year-old. A lot of small…

The Reading List: How to Create Value for Your Clients

Guest written by Erika Towne. I write a lot of posts for my husband because he’s a finance guy by trade and I’m a writer by trade. He’s actually very good at writing, but it sometimes comes across as more technical than personal. I’m…
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Why You Want a CPA, Not An Accountant

I know what you're thinking, isn't CPA just a fancy term for an accountant? No. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, which means she's passed the CPA exam and met her state's certification and experience requirements. An accountant has…